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Primo Powder Coating & Sandblasting is a top provider in southern California. Customers from Fullerton, California have come to us for our spray-on protective coating products and related services. Our products are utilized in industrial, commercial, agricultural, and custom applications, ensuring a sleek finish every time.

Powder Coating Fullerton, California

Architectural, Industrial, and Commercial Powder Coating
From production to specialty, large or small – we can coat it.

  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Architectural Aluminum Fencing
  • Architectural Wrought Iron Fencing
  • Light Fixtures & Poles
  • Metal & Aluminum Fixtures
  • Metal Doors & Frames
  • Window Frames
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Cast Iron Radiators
  • Playground & Recreational Equipment
  • Rails & Railings
  • Steel Decking, Platforms & Roofing
  • Other Architectural Projects
  • Automotive Parts & Frames
  • Auto & Motorcycle Wheels
  • Motorcycle Parts & Frames
  • Marine Equipment
  • Retail Business Implements
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Bicycle Frame & Accessories
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Truck and Car Wheels, Rims
  • Stairs and Balconies
  • and More

Sandblasting and Metal Restoration Fullerton, California

High Quality Preparation and Custom Work.

  • Car Frames for Restoration
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Fences and Hand Rails
  • Doors and Gates
  • Industrial Parts
  • Commercial and Residential Pieces
  • Wheels and Rims
  • Truss Brackets
  • Motorcycle Frames and Parts
  • Spray-On Bedliners and More
  • Classic Car and Truck Frames and Parts
  • and More

Specialty Services

We specialize in superior quality spray elastomers, polyurethanes, and polyureas and have spent many years testing our unique product. Our team combines premium equipment and materials with superior product knowledge to produce sprayable elastomeric coatings built for durability, safety, and style.

Powder Coating Services In Fullerton, California

Powder coating is a type of dry coating that does not require a solvent to work. It is applied electrostatically and cured under heat to form a “skin-like” layer. This technique is usually used to create a hard finish for metals such as “white goods,” aluminum extrusions, and various automobile and motorcycle parts. Unlike traditional paints, powder coating produces a hard, rigid finish that’s baked on to whatever surface it’s applied to. It’s an optimal finishing choice for metal products, including home furnishings and appliances, car and truck components, engines, bicycle frames and much more. Since it contains virtually no toxic compounds, a powder coating finish is an environmentally friendly way to imbue your items with added resilience and durability.

Cerakote Services In Fullerton, California

Cerakote (Cerakoting) is a type of ceramic coating designed for high-performance applications. It’s engineered to be unrivaled in terms of corrosion and chemical resistance, and can tolerate temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s one of the toughest options out there! Cerakote coating is also resistant to both thermal cycling and thermal shock. These coatings are VOC-free, making them environmentally safe.

Sandblasting Services In Fullerton, California

Also known as media blasting, this is the process of leveling a material by forcing particles across its surface at very high speeds. Sand blasting is a surface prep process that prepares material for coating and finishing. We use pressurized air to pelt the surface of an object with sand, which strips away any preexisting coatings and smooths-out any blemishes. The result is a clean, smooth, polished surface that’s ready for finishing—whether you’re choosing powder coating, painting or Cerakoting. The sand blasting process is efficient and highly effective at restoring metal surfaces to a clean, like-new state. It’s the first step to a superior finish.

Metalizing Services In Fullerton, California

We use a technique called metalizing as a substitute for painting structural steel. You see, this works to protect the material for several years, much longer than paint alone. It is a highly effective and proven process that has been used by industry specialists for more than 90 years.

Decorative Metalwork Services In Fullerton, California

We safely remove and replace all sorts of metalwork according to our client’s requests. Our specialists apply a meticulous approach to completing each project, so you can expect quality work and above exceptional results every time.

Welding Fabrication and Repair Services In Fullerton, California

We manufacture and repair an assortment of metal parts and components that can be used for decorative metalwork. You can trust us to complete projects of all sizes and complexities on time and within budget.


Our team does same-day service for various types of autos. For your convenience, we have an in-house tire balancer and tire machine. We know its hard to be without your truck or car so we offer same day service for powder coating rims. Customers come in from Fullerton, California, drop off their vehicle in the morning and pick up the finished product at the end of the day! However, we take projects by appointment only—to make sure that we do not compromise on quality.


Primo Powder Coating offers a range metal coating processes and metal surface treatments in the Fullerton, California area. From metalizing to electrostatic painting and powder coating, metal coating is our specialty. We work with a variety of industries throughout southern California including Fullerton, California.

Fast turnaround

We offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the business, with parts coated in just a couple of days. We never sacrifice quality, but we abide by efficiency.

Expert Wordsmanship

Our powder coating experienced professionals are the best in the business. People come to us from the Fullerton, California area for powder coating because our work sets the standard for excellence.

Diverse Capabilities

Whether you need a Cerakoting for your engine or bike parts powder coated, we put our experience to work for you, no matter the project.

Tenured Experience

We’ve been in this business for more than 20+ years. Not only have we refined our skills in that time, we’ve also kept up with new techniques and innovations.

Superior Value

Our prices aren’t the lowest in town, but they’re far from the highest you’ll find. And, we promise more than your money’s worth in results.

Broad Service Area

We’re located in Huntington Beach, CA but we welcome projects from customers across Fullerton, California.

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  • Powder Coating, Sandblasting, Ceramic Coating, Spray-On Bedliners, Wheels Rims and Metalizing Services Fullerton, California

  • Premium powder coating, sandblasting, ceramic coating, spray-on bedliners, metalwork and welding repair. Call (714) 596-4242 for services and rates.