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Powder Coating Process

Step 1 Preparation

Primo Powder Coating & SandBlasting

The material is chemically stripped of any paints or solvents and or sandblasted to remove impurities such as corrosion leaving the part clean to allow an ideal surface for the powder coating adhesion.

Step 2 Pre-Baking

The part is now pre-baked to remove any impurities that can cause bubbling up that could cause an unsightly result.



Step 3 Polishing

The part is now polished if required within a solvent bath and another pre-bake coat is applied to the part and baked once more.


Step 4 Powder Coating Application

The part is now moved to a spray booth where an electrical charge is applied and then the powder coating is administered with a special spray gun.

Primo Powder Coating & SandBlasting

Step 5 Oven Curing

The part is now moved to a specialized oven where the powder coating is allow to melt into the surface of the part allowing adhesion of the coating.

Step 6 Cooling Stage

After the parts are removed from the oven cooling is allowed and the powder coating is finished.

Step 7 Inspection

After the cooling stage we thoughly inspect parts to ensure that the powder coating does not contain any defects in color or visual effects.


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Spray on Bedliners

Spray on Bed Liners

We can provide same day truck bed liners to protect your truck bed, add look and appeal with a new bed liner that will last for years to come. Provides the best rust prevention and protection for your truck. Primo Powder Coating and Sandblasting is a leading provider of spray-on protective coatings. Our products are utilized in commercial, industrial, agricultural and custom applications. Primo Powder Coating and Sandblasting specializes in spray elastomers polyurethanes and polyureas and has been through many years of actual field testing. Specialized equipment is combined with the right materials and product knowledge to produce sprayable elastomeric coatings for durability, protection and looks.

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